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Real Estate Support Services

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I am licensed Class 2 Real Estate Agent with four years of hands-on experience in the real estate industry and with over 15 years of exceptional support provided to various businesses in the administrative world, I'm uniquely equipped to empower and enhance your real estate endeavours.


My comprehensive Real Estate Agent Support services cater to sales agents, offering invaluable assistance across various aspects of the industry.


Whether you require compliance checks, pre-listing kits, agency agreement preparation, digital marketing support, flyer creation, trust accounting, team support, or team management, my expertise is at your service.

Extended Overview:

  • Compliance Checking: With my meticulous eye and four years of real estate experience, I ensure that all transactions meet regulatory requirements, providing you with peace of mind.

  • Pre-Listing Kits: Impress potential sellers with comprehensive kits that demonstrate your professionalism and expertise, leveraging my 15+ years of business support expertise.

  • Digital Marketing Support: Attract clients through effective online marketing strategies tailored to the real estate industry, supported by my extensive administrative background.

  • Flyer Creation: I'll design eye-catching property flyers that make your listings stand out in a competitive market, combining my design skills with real estate knowledge.

  • Trust Accounting: Rest assured as I manage financial transactions and trust accounts with precision, ensuring compliance based on both my real estate and admin experience.

  • Team Support: Count on my assistance for administrative tasks, contributing to smoother team operations, bolstered by my extensive business support background.

  • Team Management: With my guidance, your real estate team will operate at peak performance, leading to enhanced success in your endeavours, thanks to my comprehensive experience in team management and support.

My commitment is to collaborate with you to achieve excellence in your real estate business, leveraging the unique blend of my four years of real estate experience and over 15 years of exceptional administrative support expertise.


Together, let's elevate your real estate journey to new heights.

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